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Wedding Singer Sunshine Coast

Hello everybody, my name is Skillz FJ and I am an entertaining wedding singer on the Sunshine Coast. Having performed on some of the biggest stages in the world, you can trust in me to play the music you want, while engaging your guests with my positive, friendly vibe.

Choosing the right wedding singer can make a huge difference to how memorable your big day is. I really enjoy performing at weddings. It is a pleasure for me to get to know the bride and groom so that I can bring music to the day that will make them feel comfortable, at ease, happy and hopefully have them out on the dance floor.

As a proven master of ceremonies, I am very comfortable to help ensure your guests know what is happening during the day. I am a wedding performer who can also help coordinate your day and give instructions to your guests confidently. (to be quiet, to move to a new location, focus on the bride and groom, etc). This will be done in my own special (strong but gentle) Fijian way.

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I can play a huge range of music too. From Xavier Rudd or Jack Johnson, through to Metallica covers. You can even give me a song or two to learn and I will perform them just for you.

Common Wedding Performer Services I Provide


If chosen as your wedding singer, some services I can provide to make your day as perfect as it can be include :

  • Atmospheric acoustic guitar (or other instruments), while the groom and his party arrive, followed by the lovely bride.

  • Live performance of songs chosen by you during the key moments throughout your ceremony. Such as when you walk down the aisle, when wedding rings are exchanged or when marriage documents are being signed.

  • A mix of either relaxing or upbeat cover songs as your wedding reception begins and everyone arrives.

  • Performance of songs suggested by you and your partner during the reception. I can also include a variety of popular songs to please guests from different age brackets.

  • I can play any song you like for the cake cutting or first dance if you like too.

When it comes time to perhaps switch to a DJ mode of entertainment, I will help that process transition seamlessly. I can even bring some effects machines for you, such as smoke machines or other party lighting too.


How To Find Out More Or To Make A Booking


I understand choosing a wedding singer on the Sunshine Coast can be a big decision, even a little overwhelming. From the moment you meet me however, I believe you will feel more relaxed about the process. That is just the way I am. This is about you, and I will make sure you feel special, without being cheesy.

If you would like me to sing a few songs or even record the songs played during key moments of your wedding, then just ask me.

I can make your wedding day even more special, with my unique talent and personality. I have been referred to as the best wedding singer on the Sunshine Coast, and I would look forward to talking with you about your ideas.

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